Why Doctors are Fleeing Hawaii

Grass Root Institute of Hawaii Presents:
Why Doctors are Fleeing Hawaii, by Dr. Kyle Varner
Next week, Tuesday, July 25th, at 6:30pm, Dr. Kyle Varner will talk about why doctors are fleeing Hawaii, and why healthcare costs are rising. Dr. Varner says that economic freedom is the solution to attracting doctors back to Hawaii, and lowering healthcare costs for families.
Tuesday, July 25th, 2017, 6:30pm
J.Walter Cameron Center, Kahului, Maui
Pupus, sandwiches served, $10 per person attendance fee.

How to Supercharge Hawaii’s Economy

“How To Supercharge Hawaii’s Economy”

A presentation by: Keliʻi Akina, Ph.D., Trustee-at-Large, Office of Hawaiian Affairs, President/CEO, Grassroot Institute

Keliʻi Akina, Ph.D. is a recognized scholar, educator, public policy spokesperson, and community leader in Hawaii. He is currently Trustee-at-Large of the Office of Hawaiian Affairs, a state-wide governmental position to which he was elected in 2016 with approximately 164,000 votes.  Dr. Akina is also President/CEO of the Grassroot Institute of Hawaii, a public policy think tank dedicated to the principles of individual liberty, free markets and limited, accountable government.  An expert in East-West Philosophy and ethics, Dr. Akina has taught at universities in China and the United States and continues as an adjunct instructor at Hawaii Pacific University.

Date:               Friday June 2, 2017

Time:              Doors Open at 6:00 PM, Presentation at 6:30 PM, Q&A to follow

 Place:             The Office Center in Wailuku Industrial Park, 270 Hookahi St Suite    307,  Wailuku, HI 96793

Topic:             How to Supercharge Hawaii’s economy!

Speaker:         Dr. Keli’I Akina, Ph. D.

This event is sponsored by the Maui County Hawaii Republican Party. For more information, please contact: Melissa O’Malley, MCRP Vice Chair of Events, 808-250-3615.  There is no cost to attend this event but donations will be accepted.

Pupus and refreshments will be served, there is free covered parking with elevator and ADA compliant restrooms, and the room has central air conditioning with seating for 30 people.



Dinesh D’Souza’s new film: a must see!

See “Hillary’s America” TONIGHT!

Hillary’s America: The Secret History Of The Democratic Party officially opened nationwide Friday, July 22, 2016. The film is being shown at the Maui Mall Megaplex, but is a limited engagement playing for one week only. Don’t miss it. Go and see it and bring your Democrat friends! Here’s a preview of what you can expect in the film from the Fox News commercials.

Hawaii Anti-Gun Bills

Anti-Gun Legislation Currently on the Governor’s Desk

Your testimony in opposition to the following bills is needed. These two bills have passed the Hawaii House and Senate and are now awaiting Governor Ige’s signature to become Hawaii State law. The Governor has until June 27th to post a letter of intent to veto or these two bills or they will become law. Please act now to contact Governor Ige and demand that he veto these two anti-2nd Amendment bills.

Click here now to oppose:


HB 625 *** Misdemeanor harassment, such as unwanted texts, emails, and phone calls will become a disqualifying characteristic for owning or possessing a firearm.  Even previous convictions for such a minor misdemeanor will become a disqualifier and cause your local Police to come and confiscate your firearms and ammunition.

SB2954 *** Known as the Rap Back Bill.  This puts any applicant for a firearms permit on a permanent criminal background check system that will cover all states, all the time.  It creates a Federal registration of firearms owners, this is in direct violation of the 1986 Firearms Owners Protection act, which disallows the Federal Government from creating such a registry.

One of the bills that is dead, thanks to testimony from the public is HB2632.  Emergency Hospitalization Bill.  This would have allowed Police to pick up any person acting a bit strange and take them to a hospital for observation and assessment for being a danger to self or others.  It also would allow immediate confiscation of all of that person’s firearms and ammunition, without the benefit of a court order or judge’s approval.

There is no end to the attack on our 2nd Amendment rights.  Please take a moment to do your part to stand up against these attacks here in Hawaii.



By Peter Martin

Imagine we are on an island, with only five people: Juanita, Paul, Kimo, Jackson, and Goliath. Let’s suppose one day that Juanita, Paul, Kimo, and Jackson relax and play with the children while Goliath goes and finds a deer and some fish for himself. That evening, the others are hungry so they decide to form a democracy and take a vote. The vote is 4 to 1 to make Goliath share his venison and fish. He refuses and they take some of his food by force (they call it taxation). This is a relatively clear example of a democratic process resulting in “unfair” force against an individual, and is clearly not what the forefather’s envisioned.

Now, let’s make a slight change in the above scenario. Continue reading

ThinkTech Hawaii Interviews Dr. Keli’i Akina

ThinkTech Hawaii Interviews Keli’i Akina:

Anatomy of an OHA Campaign

Honolulu, HI — Jay Fidell, founder and president of ThinkTech Hawaii (ThinkTechHawaii.com) interviewed Keli’i Akina, Ph.D., an Office of Hawaiian Affairs Trustee-at-Large candidate on the day following the 2014 Hawaii General Election. Although Dr. Akina did not win the seat, he garnered more than 92,000 votes, which is approximately one vote for every four persons who voted in the Hawaii General Election. Continue reading

TEA Party Maui Hosts Candidate Forum at its September Monthly Meeting

TEA Party Maui’s September monthly meeting held on Thursday, September 11th, 2014. featured a non-partisan Candidate Forum. Shortly after the State Primary election on August 8th, 2014, TEA Party Maui extended written invitations to appear at our Forum to all Maui-based political candidates running for County Council, State Legislature (Senate and House), as well as some non-Maui candidates of overall State significance such as candidates for the US Senate, US House of Representatives, Lt. Governor and Governor.

Continue reading

Do We Have Common Ground with the Progressives?

By Valerie Sisneros

A fellow patriot recently told me about an event at UH Maui College that I thought would be interesting to attend. It was called a Barnstorming Event “Challenging Corporate Rule and Creating Democracy”, hosted by the Maui College Peace Club and the Green Party of Hawaii. I knew that I would be a minority, being a small government/free market/pro-America supporter in this crowd. Continue reading

Maui Liberty Network’s “The Price of Paradise” Full Episode

Please check out the Maui Liberty Network’s latest video release. It is called “The Price of Paradise” and the topic covers many of the reasons why it is so expensive to live here on Maui. Lots of interesting interviews, beautiful scenery, and sensible ideas about fixing the problems of over-regulation of land and private property, make this episode one you won’t want to miss! We hope you enjoy!

Dr. Keli’i Akina Speaks at TPM Meeting

By Lee Aldridge

Dr. Keli’i Akina spoke to a large TEA Party Maui audience at its regular monthly meeting on June 12, 2014. Dr. Akina is a 2014 candidate for Trustee-at-Large in the Office of Hawaiian Affairs (OHA), running on a platform to preserve the Aloha Spirit for all people in the Aloha State.
Keli’i Akina, Ph.D., is an educator, public policy spokesperson, and community leader in Hawaii. Currently, he is President/CEO of Grassroot Institute of Hawaii, a public policy think tank dedicated to uniting Hawaii’s people to work for a better economy, government and society. Keli’i retired as President Emeritus of Youth for Christ Hawaii following a 31-year career of building young leaders and successful organizations. An expert in Chinese and Western Philosophy, Dr. Akina has taught at universities in China and the United States and is an adjunct instructor at Hawaii Pacific University. Continue reading