November Meeting – TEA Party Maui

TEA Party Maui post-election meeting.

Come and discuss the 2016 election results with your fellow Patriots. Will it be a celebration of sorts or a postmortem?

We will be talking story about the future of Conservatism, America, and TEA Party Maui.
The balance of  power in the next House and Senate, and the local election results.

Join TEA Party Maui Thursday/November 10th at 6:30 PM
Bring a friend!

Kalama Heights Garden Room
101 Kanani Road, Kihei  Refreshments will be provided.
See you there!!


Please park on the ocean side of the parking lot.

Join us next Thursday at
Kalama Heights Senior Center
Garden Room
101 Kanani Road
Kihei, Maui, Hawaii
Help us educate the public about our core principles:
Individual Liberty/Free Markets
Constitutionally Limited Government
Fiscal Responsibility

Hope to see you all there.

Board of Directors, TEA Party Maui
Contact:  (808) 214-2859


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